Employer’s Agent / Contract Administration

DRPL’s highly qualified Chartered Surveyors are the ideal choice to act as Employer’s Agent, Contract Administrator and / or Lead Consultant when considering your construction project. Our experienced and professional Surveyors act as Project Manager, Cost Manager and also administer the build contract to ensure the success of your project.

Contract Administration

The role of Contract Administrator encompasses the pre-contract coordination and compilation of the build contract between the Employer and the Contractor, as well as administering the post contract activities to ensure the correct details of the construction are adhered to.

Employer’s Agent

The term Employer’s Agent is used to describe an agent acting on behalf of a Client under a Design and Build Contract (typically a JCT form). As well as administering the build contract, an Employer’s Agent represents the Client (or Employer) and often acts as Lead Consultant, coordinating the project team in addition to overseeing consultant appointments and novations, the tendering process and managing risk / change procedures throughout the project.

We create the conditions for success

At DRPL, we are very familiar with both these roles and have performed the Employer’s Agent and Contract Administration roles on small (£100k), medium (£1m) and large (£1m+) contracts. We will work in partnership with you to deliver your project on time, within budget and to a high standard.

We understand the common areas of dispute, and create the key conditions for success in these ways:

  • Ensuring there are no errors or ambiguities in the documentation
  • Establishing an order of precedence for documents
  • Identifying grey areas in roles and responsibilities
  • Agreeing cost and programme impacts as part of any changes
  • Addressing key areas of dispute
  • Maintaining a clear audit trail and communicate clearly
  • Factoring in weather risks
  • Clearly setting out design responsibilities for each element
  • Establishing contractual arrangements for valuation of completed works and certification of valuations
  • Setting out key completion criteria
  • Planning in advance the commissioning and handover process

We are familiar with a wide range of contracts, including the JCT and NEC suites of contracts.